Juan and I would like to share a field update on the Waves for Water initiative on Puerto Rico and send our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously to our Clean Water for Families Fund to support the distribution of water purification systems throughout the island.

As of mid-November, nearly two months after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, only 50% of power had been restored and many areas with power are plagued with reoccurring outages. Hardship for basic necessities continues, with clean drinking water a priority in many areas.

Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers and generous donors, as of November 30, over 6,000 filter systems and 22 community water-depot systems have been implemented across 78 communities, impacting approximately 150,000 people.

For a complete Caribbean Hurricane Relief Field Update, please click the link below:


To date, the Clean Water for Families Fund has raised over $1,700 to support this effort. We would like to recognize the following individuals and businesses that have donated so generously to bring the gift of clean water to so many families in need: Bill Dirienzo, Tess Dirienzo, Caroline Flagler, Leslie Osbourne, Robert Walter, Kelsea Kearns, Ross Gilfillan, Brian Henry (Electrical Services), Ruth Beltran, Lauren Dorothy,  Kate Hunter, Susan Sewall, Ricardo Javier, Al Hagemann, Kristin McCabe, Cherylnne Kirby, Tice Ryan, James Kerwin, William Ackerman, Darcy Flierl, Kaii Haire, Haute Yoga.

We would also like to thank the Waves for Water Caribbean team for their amazing efforts to bring a sense of normalcy to the people of the Caribbean after a string of devastating hurricanes pounded the islands. Those include: W4W founder Jon Rose, Fritz Pierre Louis, Rob McQueen, Chris Hudson, Ben Bourgeois, Jimmy Wilson, Dylan Graves, Otto Flores and Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon. And a big shout out to the many volunteers on the ground, such as Carlos Tirado, who have worked tirelessly to distribute supplies to families in need.

Holiday season is a time of giving, and there is certainly no shortage of worthy causes and people in need. If you are interested in contributing to the Clean Water for Families Fund, please click the link below (and feel free to share):


Thank you to everyone who has helped bring our world a little closer. And Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

Chris Shultz & Juan Ayala

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